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Cholam (sorghum) is one of the food item that belongs to both vegetables and grains rich in starch, protein and fibre. Cholam is known as Jonna in Telugu, Jowar in Hindi and Sorghum in English. It is one of the traditional food items that are assumed all over India. The use of Cholam in food is traced to be come to exist before 1000 years.

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. But it has been forgotten now. Cholam contain 48% of nutrients that are needed for dietary food when compared with rice. But now natural Cholam use is limited in our food intake with so called commercial food products. The hybrid varieties of Cholam are made and is easily available in market. But these hybrid Cholam food products are harmful to health and our well-being.

Buy Cholam biscuits at Nature foods 4 u, to get naturally home made biscuits.

Why buy Cholam biscuit At Nature foods 4 U?

We provide you with tasty Cholam biscuits that are made from natural Cholam without any commercial additives or the hybrid varieties of Cholam. Cholam is rich in dietary fibre that are both soluble and insoluble. These fibres help in reducing cholesterol and prevents constipation that in turn helps in easy digestion. Buy Cholam Biscuit from us, where these helps in preventing Anemia as it contains the required minerals such as folic acid, Vitamin B12 and iron. Cholam a rich starchy food grain that contains high amount of carbohydrates which is vital for keeping us energetic. The Cholam Biscuits from Nature Foods 4 U, can be given to the sports persons to stay energetic. This also helps in gaining weight as it is rich in carbs and calorie dense, the key aspects for weight gain. The yellow kernels of Cholam consists of carotenoids which supports better vision. Apart from health benefits, Cholam gives us healthy and allergy free skin and also hair benefits such as curing hair loss and maintain healthy hair.

Buy Cholam biscuit at Nature foods 4 U and make it to be a healthy addition in your diet and enjoy the health, skin, hair and nutritional benefit of this delicious cereal.

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