Coconut-Oil , marachekku oil

Coconut Oil 1L


At Nature foods 4 U, coconut oil is manufactured based on wood pressed method (marachekku) which is the traditional method of extraction of oil from the coconut. This method is used since from ancient days for extracting oil.


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Under this process no heat is generated and hence no loss of. Vitamins and proteins unlike commercial methods of oil extraction. Wood pressed coconut oil has zero chemicals, no sulphur and unrefined, highly nutritious and healthy. But now these traditional method is replaced by chemical and mechanical process of oil extraction which ends up in addition of additives and chemicals.

Here at Nature foods 4 U, we sell wood pressed coconut oil in the idea of bringing the product to customers with its purest form of natural coconut oil.

Why buy wood pressed coconut oil?

  • Coconut oil gives us wide benefits for health, skin and hair.
  • Fights infections and strengthens the immunity power by its amazing presence of lauric acid.
  • It helps inlosing weight by increasing the metabolismrate and thereby reducing the hunger.
  • Act as a skin moisturizer, heal and repair skin
  • Prevents hair from damage
  • Act as an antimicrobial element
  • It has anti-viral anti bacterial, anti inflammatory benefits

The most important things is refined oil don’t bear these kinds of amazing benefits we get from wood pressed coconut oil. Buy coconut oil at Nature foods 4 U, to enjoy the benefits we get from wood pressed oil and have a healthy life.


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