Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil 1L


Before the invention of so called refined oil, people visit oil mills to buy oils that are produced in a natural way using wooden press. This wood pressed is also called as cold pressed oil or mara chekku ennai in Tamil.


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Last few decades the arrival of refined oil, reduced the use of wood pressed oils and which in turn caused adverse health issues. This present era, people started moving towards the traditional method of producing oil which is wood pressed oils. These wood pressed oil are natural, chemical free, no heat is generated during the extraction.

Cold / wood pressed groundnut oils are used as edible oil by the south Indians from ancient time and its use become limited after the arrival of refined oils. Wood pressed real refined groundnut oil / peanut oil is extracted from the traditional wood pressed (marachekku) method where the oil is extracted without hearing or any chemical process. The groundnut oil which is extracted using traditional method is highly nutritious and healthy, since in refined oil all the nutrients are destroyed because of addition of chemicals and solvents.

At Nature foods 4 U, we are in a motto of bringing back the traditional method of oil extraction in a vision of providing people with nutrient rich edible groundnut oil.

Why buy wood pressed groundnut oil?

  • They add unique flavour to the food
  • Its fatty acid nature, helps us to be free from getting cholesterol
  • Reduce heart attack risk
  • Its rich vitamin E content protects the cells from getting damage and it’s a very good anti oxidant it’s boosts fertility.
  • Groundnut oil is rich in protein, which is called as, poor man’s protein
  • Controls blood glucose level.
  • Consumption of groundnut oil moisturizes hair and helps in growth of hair due to its amazing protein nature.

Buy groundnut oil at Nature foods 4 u, where we sell wood pressed groundnut oil. Start using wood pressed groundnut oil instead of refined oils to have a happier healthier future.


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