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Many peoples of this present era doesn’t clearly know or even heard of millet and there lies much less understanding of the millet and its nutritional benefits.  Millets are one of the best secret which our ancestors kept it as our dietary food which we don’t realise about it.

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Barnyard millet (Echinochloa frumantacea) is a wild seed, which is known as Kuthiraivali in Tamil,sanwa in Hindi, oodalu in Kannada, udalu in Teluguis a staple diet for many communities in India. And it is literally known as rice for fasting, as this is widely cooked and eaten during festivals. This Barnyard millet is the one which grows in lesser days. This millet provides us with Protein, carbohydrates, minerals, iron, vitamin B3.

Buy Kuthiraivali biscuits at Nature foods 4 u, to get its nutritional benefits in the form of snack item.

Why buy Samai biscuit At Nature foods 4 U?

Kuthiraivali is a good source of protein which helps in digestion. This protein makes the person feel energetic after the consumption. It’s an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fractions, which helps in preventing constipation. This is a good source of iron among all other millets and cereal grains. Vitamin B3 present in it helps in reducing high blood cholesterol, and improves cardiovascular health. The presence of calcium and phosphorus content, aids in strengthening bones and teeth.  Biscuits are one of the most preferred food items among all age groups, and apart from biscuits made with commercial food items, Nature foods 4 U provide you biscuits that are made from small grains and cereals having concern on health benefits.

Buy Kuthiraivali Biscuits at Nature Foods 4 U, have it as a snacks by adding it as one of your daily diet and enjoy the health benefits of this millet which are home-made additive free.

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