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 Kambu it is called as Pearl Millet and Bajjra in Hindi, they most widely grown millet plant. Pearl millet marks as a most grown millet of its millet type in Africa and Indian sub-continent from ancient times. India is the largest producer of Kambu throughout the world and it accounts for about 50% of the total world’s Pearl millet production.

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It is the largest kernel among all of its millet type and is white, pale yellow, grey, brown, slate purple in its appearance. Kambu is a starch factory which makes Kambu as a high-energy food among all types of millets. It is also an excellent source of fiber and protein. Our ancient people have taken Kambu in the form of breads and porridge which is called as Kamban choru/Kamban koozh in Tamilnadu. Kambu this was one of the staple food of south Indians especially Tamilians before Rice came into existence. Now we can see Kambu, and its food products are taken during summer in Tamilnadu in the form of street food. The consumption of Kambu food products is less on other Seasons/Months. At Nature Foods 4 U, we aim to provide Kambu food products in the form of Biscuits, laddu and cake making it available to all sorts of people and get healthy benefit from the same.

Why should you buy Kambu laddu At Nature foods 4 U?

Kambu consist of vitamin B12, which is an excellent nutrient for body nerve’s and blood cells, making it healthy which in turn increases the strength of the body. It also prevents anemia. Its rich nutrient content such as amino acids, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, Kambu helps in reducing cholesterol and helps in maintain heart condition which in turn reduces risk of heart attacks. Kambu is enriched with full of minerals and vitamins which helps in keeping healthy hair and prevents skin from aging. Its anti-oxidant nature, helps in curing stomach cancer. Regular consumption of Kambu prevents gallstone formation in women. Kambu food products helps in preventing celiac disease by its gluten free character.

Buy Kambu laddu at Nature foods 4 U and include it as a part of diet along with other food to get cholesterol free, diabetes free strong health. Encourage children to take Kambu laddu from Nature Foods 4 U which is full of minerals, vitamins and nutrients to have good healthy conditions.

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