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Finger Millet or Ragi (Eleusine coracana, a herbaceous plant) is a very old staple grain of India. India is the largest producer of Ragi in the world accounts for about 58% of total world’s Ragi production. Not all but very few Indians had known about its nutritional value and its benefits.

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But now, we can see lot of interest among people in ancient grains these days. Earlier to 20th century, whole grains and cereals such as barley, Ragi, and brown rice were staple food of southern India which was completely taken over by the use of rice in our diet. Whole grains are healthier food as they contain dense fiber content along with essential nutrients. This fiber content and nutrients are lost in current staple food so-called rice. Ragi is one among those ancient grains and cereals which has made its come back. It is also known as Finger Millet, and is called as Kezhvaragu in Tamilnadu.

Ragi is a whole grain rich in fiber, calcium, amino acids, good carbs and Vitamin D which are not present in other scratchy food items. Its rich protein content act as a perfect food grain for vegetarians. Because of its high nutritional value, Ragi can be placed at the pinnacle of food grains. Despite many health benefits from Ragi, it is absent in our diets and we haven’t really accepted it. Besides South Indian food makers, not many are willing to experiment with the grain. Presumably this may be due to its tasteless nature that much may not be appreciated. Ragi can be eaten in many of its cooked and baked form, some of them are Ragi biscuits, Ragi laddu, and Ragi cake. Buy Ragi food products at Nature Foods 4 U, to have the nutritional benefits of Ragi in Organic home made without any commercial preservatives and additives.

Why should you buy Ragi laddu At Nature foods 4 U?

We provide tasty laddu made of Ragi and were made with Ragi (Finger Millet), water, butter and jaggery. It has many health benefits which treats diabetes by presence of polyphenols and dietary fibers, with its iron content it acts the best medicine for curing anemic patients, strengthen the bones and teeth among kids by its calcium content, since it has natural relaxant agents, Ragi helps in reducing anxiety, depression and Insomnia. This also reduces wrinkles of skin and weight, Improves skin tissues and its vitality with its Vitamin D. Due to its rich nutrient content, Ragi laddu act as good baby food.

Buy Ragi laddu at Nature foods 4 U and include it as a part of staple diet which is essentially good since it has a lot of essential nutrients, minerals and amino acids.

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