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At present we are in an era, where we in a situation to isolate some amount of money for medications. Our ancient medications are not only subjected to treat the disease, they also tried to destroy it. So the basic aspects to cure diseases or prevent us from disease starts from our food items.

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So we should be keen on what kind of food items we intake daily. In this small grains and cereals play a vital role in providing all kinds of health and nutritional benefits. Samai (Panicumsumatrense) is known as little millet, is one the ancient food grains which are known to us. They were used as a food grain from the Indus valley civilization. The Samai is the oldest and nutritious food for a healthy diet. It is called as kutki in Hindi, same in Kannada, Sama in Telugu and Chama in Malayalam. This wide grain can be used for all age group people. Samai is rich in dietary fibres and phyto chemicals.

Buy Samai biscuits at Nature foods 4 u, to get naturally home made biscuits.

Why buy Samai biscuit At Nature foods 4 U?

At nature foods 4 U, we provide biscuits made with little millet (Samai) that are homemade and organic. Its fibre content protects the people from hyperglycaemias, the anti-oxidants properties of Samai reduces cholesterolhelps in easy digestion. The minerals, fibreand iron content are considerably higher when compared with rice & wheat. It also lowers the risk of getting diabetes especially for the women. Its insoluble fibre property, helps in preventing gallstone formations. Adding Samai in our diet aids us with health and nutritious benefits.

“Health is Wealth” is a famous saying that reveals us with the importance of having good health condition. In this hasty world, adding Samai biscuits from Nature foods 4 U in your daily diet helps you to enjoy healthy life.

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